Ramiro J. Gómez Massetti

Pianist, arranger, composer and singer, born in the city of La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1987 .

He is passionate about music in every way, and the application of technology in the service of music.

He studied piano with professors Luis Lewin, Andrew Beeuwsaert, Pepe Angelillo among other great masters of the piano.

He also graduate in 2008 from "La Metro" (audiovisual communication school) as a Superior Sound Technician.

Ramiro shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Rubén "Mono" Izarrualde, Matias Gonzalez, Horacio Lopez, Nestor Gomez, Tito Gómez, Ricardo Pellican, Omar Gomez, and many others.

"Without music, life would be a mistake"

Friedrich Nietzsche